Vertical Blinds are manufactured using the Louvolite Slimline Vogue® System.

Vertical blinds incorporating the Slimline Vogue® headrail system provides a contemporary and extremely practical commercial installation. The system is easily fitted and provides an extremely efficient method of light control.

The Slimline Vogue® aluminium headrail extrusion is made from prime aluminium and is available in white powder coated.

To ensure a positive and smooth operation within the headrail, all carriers are manufactured using prime quality plastic materials. This also provides durability and protection from embrittlement and UV rays. The gears in the carrier trucks that rotate the louvres are self-aligning with limit stops. This allows louvre rotation to 185º, which ensures an efficient closure without strain on the mechanism.

The 77mm spacing between the carrier trucks is controlled by high-grade stainless steel spacer links.

UV stabilised louvre hangers are manufactured using Nylon No. 6 plastic.

Brackets are made from mild steel, zinc plated and/or powder coated and manufactured with a strengthening crease for increased strength and safety. They are suitable for top or face fixing.

Operation is by a tilt and draw wand control.

Louvers are available as 89mm width.

Stack options include left, right, split to outside and split to centre.