Our Roller Blinds are manufactured using the Louvolite System 40® Roller Blind mechanism.

System 40® Roller Blind System components are manufactured using aluminium and plastic. They do not present any corrosion problems in normal environments. The system has been designed for a smooth operation, together with a rigidity to prolong the window blind’s working life.  

The roller blinds system includes specifically designed grooved 40mm aluminium tubing. The specified fabrics are formed and held into the tube with locking tape. The side control units, manufactured in the UK, are made from glass filled Nylon 6, with an acetal sprocket and sprocket guard, and include a locking spring.

A sprung plunger end mechanism is positioned at the opposite end to the control unit, providing a more secure fit of the blind and smooth operation. The side control unit is fitted with a centre plug that ensures the mechanism operates smoothly.

The brackets are made from mild steel, zinc plated and powder coated, suitable for top, face or side fixing. Universal brackets, along with the spring idle end plunger enable easy and quick installation.

We use white plastic no. 10 chain to ensure reliable performance and improved chain location for quick and easy on-site adjustment. All chain control blinds include easybreak connectors and cord tidy devices. Blinds can also be motorised using rechargeable battery.

Roller blinds are finished with a bottom bar. These are available in four colours: black, silver anodised, white and magnolia cream.

Additional options include: